REAL Electroformed Copper Feather Cuff Bracelet - Luscious Copper Electroformed Real Feather Statement Piece - Organic Rustic Copper Jewelry



Each feather is formed into its shape and cured. Once it's dry, it's prepped for the scientific Magic! I Electroform each piece with texture rich copper for two full days. Once the thickness I like is reached, they get polished and then oxidized to look RUSTIC with a touch of color. Each FEATHER CUFF can be built into a custom piece by adding a CRYSTAL CUFF; simply slide a CRYSTAL CUFF of your choice over top the FEATHER CUFF. This will transform your CUFF into a OOAK BANGLE piece. --Wear with your leather and other fabric bracelets for ooak boho vibe!

Copper naturally oxidized and changes color over time, your FEATHER CUFF is a living wearable piece. It will continue to change colors and will eventually grow its own natural green patina. (I love to see each piece grow)

Copper is found naturally in our bodies. Its not only beautiful, changing colors over time as it oxidizes, but metaphysically healing and restoring to our bodies.

✨Each electroformed feather cuff takes two weeks to complete, from start to finish. Please allow three weeks for your FEATHER CUFF to find its way to you.

One of a kind, wearable art. -- letting you carry a piece of magic with you, wherever your wanderlust takes you.


Each sale is final. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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