Mystical Aura Quartz Crystal Chokers- Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Points Electroformed Choker Necklaces - Chakra Crystal Chokers


Bar style, Aura Quartz Point Chokers
16" chains

Sizes of crystals:
Pink 1 3/4"
Purple 1/2"
Blue 1 1/2"
Yellow 1 1/2" (on copper chain)
Orange 1 1/2" (on gunmetal chain)

Copper naturally oxidized and changes color over time, your necklace is a living wearable piece. It will continue to change colors, darkening with hints of blue or purples, and will eventually grow its own natural green or blue patina.

Copper is found naturally in our bodies. Its not only beautiful, changing colors over time as it oxidizes, but metaphysically healing and restoring to our bodies.

✨Each electroformed piece takes weeks to complete, from start to finish. One of a kind, wearable art. -- letting you carry a piece of magic with you, wherever your wanderlust takes you.


Each sale is final. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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