Large Skull Ring with Garnet Swarovski Eyes - Unisex Sunken Pirate Ship Skull Ring - Romantic Mermaid Treasure Rustic Dark Beauty


Are you a salty pirate or a mystical mermaid? This unisex ring is perfect for the lover of romantic, dark beauty.

Two Garnet Swarovski Rhinestones are set in the eye sockets of this badass dude, catching the light beautifully.

Skull measures slightly under 1 1/2"

Size 7 1/2 US

Not your size? --Custom orders welcome, please message me to get one in YOUR SIZE.

Depending on your body chemistry, copper can turn your skin green to black where it sits on the skin. This is non-harmful! This does not mean something is wrong with the ring! -I can seal your ring to prevent this from happening, but over time the sealer will wear off and the same will occur. Copper is found naturally in our bodies, and its healthy to wear copper directly on your skin, to absorb its healing magic. Its not only beautiful, changing colors over time as it oxidizes, but metaphysically healing, anti aging, and restoring to our bodies.


Each sale is final. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

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