Herkimer Diamond Stackers

$88.00 - $120.00
Herkimer Diamond Stackers

These rings are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY • purchase all three for the look pictured

top: 6.5
middle: 6.5
bottom: 6.5

Top ring is a crown of 5 mini Herkimer Diamonds set in dark copper with deliciously textured band
The middle ring is a large, top grade Herkimer Diamond with beautiful inclusions and a glass like clarity. Set in dark copper.
The bottom ring has three mini Herkimer Diamonds set in dark copper with coinciding texture rich bands.

With six sides and double termination, this special gem can transmit powerful energy. The meaning of the Herkimer Diamond is to help with higher attunement, astral connections, and to get you in a place where you feel crystal clear about things. These stones are found in and around Herkimer NY.