Ara - LIMITED EDITION STARGAZERS Botanical Crystal Troll with Matchstick Quartz and Amethyst belly


Rosebud Tarot Skullies with crystal and botanical infusions


Botanically Infused Moon and Tarot Coffin box with Watermelon Tourmaline and Pyrite stars TAROT: THE EMPRESS CARD


Aura Quartz Hair Pin - hand chipped aura quartz star set in hand forged copper - dark fairy wand stick


Small Magical Herkimer Diamond Rings - Dark Copper


Mini horizontal Magical Herkimer Diamond Rings - Dark Copper


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Welcome to The Moonstoned Alchemist

I invite you to take a look around, get lost within the world I've created.
Each piece was infused with magick, soaked in good intentions & charged with positive energy.

***Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, to start a custom order, or to setup a payment plan.