Seahorse and Opal Geode Ring - real seahorse & genuine opal magically immortalized and set in dark copper


Sculpted Copper Moon necklaces


Small Magical Herkimer Diamond Rings - Dark Copper


Earth Goddess Air Plant Planter with Quartz and Amerhyst Crystals.


Moodring Seahorse Amulet with three Moonstone Crystals - hand sculpted Clam Shell Necklace with Coral Reef & color morphing seahorse


Pandora's Amulet Light Reflecting Glass Holographic Cosmos necklace- Galaxy pendant - Psychedelic Rainbow Prismatic cube


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Welcome to The Moonstoned Alchemist

I invite you to take a look around, get lost within the world I've created.
Each piece was infused with magick, soaked in good intentions, & charged with positive energy.

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